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Falconry and falconeering with snow owls

Apprentice Falconer, Falconry and Birds of Prey

Hallo, and welcome to my falconer website, I am Jeanene Steeman, and this is my world. Is it not strange how the small things in life can turn out to have profound affects. I study at an agricultural secondary school, am passionate about animals, so as birthday present my mother though it a fun idea to spend a day with birds of prey in the world of falconry. Hunting on Internet we found a falconer in Eindhoven who was at that time, busy setting up a wild life park for falcons and other birds of prey in the area. Full of expectation we went to visit falconer Frans Lenders of the falconry and birds of prey park called Falconcrest on my birthday. Frans showed us the incredible collection of birds of prey, from falcons, kestrels, buzzards, hawks, Eagles and vultures to little owls, snow owls and eagle owls, it was an amazing experience to see the hawks and falcons fly as well as see how Frans trains the birds using the lure. Frans told me that it was not possible to learn and know everything about the birds of prey and falconry in one day or by attending a single falconry workshop, but that I was welcome to return when I pleased to help and assist with the birds at the park and in return I could learn what it takes to be a falconer. Today, the park is finished and open to the public, and I still spend most of my free time there, caring for, feeding and even training as well as flying the birds of prey. This is my story.

From a birthday present to a passion.

Jeanene and Harry the harris hawk The most important thing I have learned as apprentice falconer is that working with birds of prey requires, passion, caring, understanding, a lot of patience and most of all respect for the birds of prey. Specially the snow owls, these owls are the most stubourn species I have met, and require a lot of care and time. On the flipside of the coin, the American kestrels and little owls have a very high 'cuddle attraction factor' (but don't stroke or touch them!) and accept man, and being with man quite easily. The stars of the show are the Harris hawks, these are also perfect 'apprentice falconer' birds of prey and are always a pleasure to work with. For details about the birds of prey I know, see my Raptor Info page. But whether they are small or large birds of prey they all are, and will remain, wild animals, and can never be seen as, or become household pets.

Young Snow OwlSteppe EagleChilean EagleKestrelGyrfalcon

I experience it as an honour and priviledge that we may borrow these splendid animals from nature for a while. In my falconry image galleries (early falconry image library) I hope to give you some insight into the ancient craft of falconry and the enjoyment I experience from falconry while presenting birds of prey displays and assisting with falconry workshops. If you are an aspiring falconer, or want more indepth knowledge of falconry, then Falconcrest is an excellent place for falconry courses and training, or general information about falconry and birds of prey.

Thank you for spending time on my site
Warm regards

Jeanene Steeman

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